Perspektiv Undersökningar


Perspektiv Undersökningar has long experience of conducting qualitative surveys, the company was started in 2002. We identify and analyze the attitudes, values and action of people. Our clients get a deep insight about its customers, members or co-workers way of acting and thinking.

The methods that we use are focus groups of different sizes, in-depth interviews and ethnographic studies. We carry out both consumer tests and B2B-surveys.

We offer the surveys online or on site. Web streaming is always available.

We conduct  research in a variety of industries, including retail, media, banking, engineering, chemicals, insurance, telecom, pharmaceutical, advertising, teaching, design, organizations, agencies …

Some of the companies that we have had the opportunity to work with are Schibstedt, E.ON, Pepsico, Bonniers, Swedbank, Suntory, Valio, Tikkurila… For further examples of clients look under “Kunder”

Perspektiv Undersökningar has an extensive experience of coordinating and conducting surveys abroad. We cooperate with a number of international marketing research companies.

We have an own recruiting department that is responsible for recruiting respondents to our surveys. We believe that this ensures a good control and quality of this important part of the process.

We are flexible in our way of working with the client to ensure that we reach optimal solutions. The aim of the survey shall be reached in a good and efficient way – and quality is always our lead word!

We are careful to listen to the client and what the client want to achieve. We work with the client to find the best solution possible for the specific project. Survey solutions can look very different depending on the client’s needs of analysis, documentation, time frames, target audience and budget.

Perspektiv Undersökningar AB is a member of Esomar and Swedish Insighters.

Contact details:

Åsa Nes, CEO, Senior  consultant
+46 (0)70 – 628 24 07
+46 (0)8 – 653 16 40

Håkan Sterner, Senior analyst
+46 (0)70 – 398 10 37